Database Engineer

London, England, United Kingdom · Engineering


Database Engineer (Deliveroo)


Location - London, Cannon Street

Salary - Competitive

Hey there!

Before you per-roos / roo-view / inte-roo-pret / read this job advert, we want to introduce ourselves so that you know a little more about us, and know why you should apply to work at Deliveroo!

Who We Are
We’re in the business of delivering awesome meals into everyone's home or office – fast.

We achieve this by building and running a superb website, suite of mobile apps, a complex logistical platform, a fleet of passionate drivers, and a global operation, all to help bring great food from the world's best-loved local restaurants to consumers with an unparalleled level of convenience. We don’t want people to have to suffer with bad takeaway delivered an age after they order.

We work with hundreds of the UK's best loved restaurants along with renowned local gems such as to enable them to open up a valuable new revenue stream. Our customers are as passionate about great food as we are!

The only thing faster than our deliveries is the growth rate of our company. We’re increasing in business scale and organizational size at a blisteringly fast rate, and keeping it all together and making everything click are at the heart of what make working at Deliveroo a thrilling experience. If you want to make a difference, and you’re passionate about food, come on board and join the ride.

So Why Work For Us?
Training and Development:
We’re all about helping you reach your full potential, and as a business, we never stop learning. We’ll give you a budget for machinery, conferences, books, online courses, and whatever else you need to develop and learn new skills to help keep Deliveroo ahead of the rest.

We’re a global business, so it’s extremely important to us that our team and environment offer a great environment for all types of people. We’re not your average startup bro monoculture.

Working effectively:
We encourage each team to get involved in suggesting the most effective way to get things done. We utilise best practices to make sure everything we do is a collective effort, and we encourage everyone to take an interest of all areas of the business; not a designer, but you’ve thought of a way to more effectively present a map? The design team are all ears! No code monkeys here, it’s all part of the whole “reach your full potential” stuff we mentioned earlier.

Making you comfortable:
Output, not input. It’s not a problem if you need a little leeway in the way you work, in fact if it helps you out, we’re all for it. We’ve got a cycle to work scheme in place, allow for flexible working hours, and are happy for you to work from home on occasion.

Having fun!
If it’s Monday, chances are somebody has baked something delicious over the weekend and brought it in to share with the team. Some of us like sharing our current favourite reads. Some of us like to work out in the park at lunch, some of us prefer lunch at lunch. Some of us love posting photos of our kids on Workplace. We’re a sociable bunch, and we love to chill out as a team on Friday afternoon Product Huddles after a solid week’s work.

The Team
At Deliveroo we’re striving to build London’s best engineering organisation.

Our teams are solving unique and difficult problems at scale in an energetic and hyper-growth environment. We’re growing incredibly quickly, and we need experienced Platform Engineers to help our platform engineering team to innovate and scale.

As a Database Engineer, you will play a key role within our Software Tools & Infrastructure (SETI) team. We have a "customer-first, live service-first" mindset, and we enable our teams to affect change with speed, ease & confidence. The reliability of our Deliveroo service, innovation in our production platform, and "engineer happiness" in our toolchain are our biggest priorities. You will need excellent database administration and development skills, a passion for solving the problems of our fellow engineers, to enjoy working in a constantly evolving start-up, and steering the strategic direction of crucial functions like service reliability and infrastructure management.


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