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Who we are

We’re in the business of delivering awesome meals into everyone's home or office – fast.

We achieve this by building and running a superb website, suite of mobile apps, a complex logistical platform, a fleet of passionate drivers, and a global operation, all to help bring great food from the world's best-loved local restaurants to consumers with an unparalleled level of convenience. We don’t want people to have to suffer with bad takeaway delivered an age after they order.

We work with hundreds of the UK's best loved restaurants along with renowned local gems such as to enable them to open up a valuable new revenue stream. Our customers are as passionate about great food as we are!

The only thing faster than our deliveries is the growth rate of our company. We’re increasing in business scale and organizational size at a blisteringly fast rate, and keeping it all together and making everything click are at the heart of what make working at Deliveroo a thrilling experience. If you want to make a difference, and you’re passionate about food, come on board and join the ride.

What we do

We're building the data team at Deliveroo that we always wanted to be a part of. With no creaking legacy kit, vendor lock-in or heavy handed processes we're free to focus on the data without distraction.

The best businesses in the world use data in everything they do, and it's our job to make that happen for Deliveroo. We work without silo's talking directly to the people doing the job whether it's operations, engineering, marketing or development. As well as building clear reports and models, we aim to fully understand our data in order to derive insights that drive change in the business.

And we do all of this at startup speed.

We're working on some of the most interesting domain problems of the internet age:

- Real time spatial logistics

- Predictive modeling

- Fraud networks

- Multi channel digital marketing

We love open source tech and live by agile ways of working. We're shooting for a culture of openness with the freedom to challenge and debate ideas. We know that the things we build today will literally get used tomorrow (sometimes today), so we can learn fast what works and what doesn't. Our ambition is to build state of the art data services, make a place we love to work and be recognised in our trade as one of the best data shops in town.


We're looking for our next Business Analyst to join our rapidly growing Business Intelligence team




and work with our Data Scientists




As a Business Analyst you'll be responsible for helping people make sense of the world through data. The appetite for data and information runs deep at Deliveroo and you'll get to work alongside experienced startup people in areas like Operations, Digital Marketing, International Expansion, Customer Experience and Sales.

A large part of the day job will be using SQL to derive insights and then working out how those insights can be used by the business (often the same day). It's an exciting time to join the team as we move to automate any recurring tasks and double down on really adding measurable value to the business. You'll have the freedom to solve each challenge the way you think fits best, and the support to help you when you need it.

In your first six months you'll work on general business insights but specialise in one of four areas:

- Restaurant Supply and Pricing

- Strategic Projects

- Fraud analytics

- Deliveroo Corporate

You'll also have the opportunity to take your core maths and data skills and develop them broad and deep. Whether you want to be the world's best Business Analyst, or have aspirations to move on to business, ops or data science, we'll give you the time and space to become the best at what you do.

You could be an analyst with a good few years experience under your belt or even a superstar graduate. What really matters are a love of data and a deep desire to solve real world problems.

Why work for Deliveroo?

- We’re a well funded and rapidly growing startup that’s recently launched in 12 countries. We have a great product and solid business model.

- Based in a great Central London location but have flexibility to work from home when it makes sense. The London data scene is one of the best in the world and we're right in the middle of it.

- We want to build a world class Business Intelligence team that becomes a driving force behind Deliveroo's growth. We're at the start of that journey and you would play a key role helping us get there.


- A love of solving data problems and learning new things.

- An understanding of how a modern business operates and what makes the gears turn.

- A degree in an analytical field (for example Science, Maths, Engineering, Economics, Finance)

- The detective skills to solve data riddles, and the people skills to get you there.

- Razor sharp maths and enough stats to separate the signal from the noise. Because so much of what we do is tested against the real world straight away, a good working knowledge of error calculations and confidence intervals matters a lot.

- We live and breath SQL every day. You should know core SQL back to front and have an interest in mastering the fancy stuff.

- Solid spreadsheet skills. Everyone loves spreadsheets, even the 'Roo. You'll know your way around pivot tables and VLOOKUPS, and also know when Excel isn't the right tool for the job.


- Experience in logistics or delivery services (turns out that pizza delivery job will pay off after all!)

- Some knowledge or experience of developer / coding methods. We may not be developers, but we love GitHub, Heroku and Travisall the same.

- Any experience coding in Python / R. We love them both at Deliveroo, though most of our data stack is python based.

- Demonstrable knowledge of Google Analytics or other web analytics systems

- Knowledge of data visualization tools (Looker, Periscope, Tableau etc).


- Top-notch kit. Bring your own or we'll get you a shiny new Macbook and stuff.

- Eat great food.

- Gym membership. Probably important in a food company.

- Swag! You'd better like kangaroos though.

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