Software Engineer (Security)

London, England, United Kingdom · Engineering


Software Engineer (Security)

Location - London, Cannon Street

Salary - Competitive

Hey there!

Before you per-roos / roo-view / inte-roo-pret / read this job advert, we want to introduce ourselves so that you know a little more about us, and know why you should apply to work at Deliveroo!

Who We Are

We’re Deliveroo!

We’re in the business of delivering awesome meals into everyone's home or office – fast.

We are a superb website, a suite of mobile apps, a complex logistical platform, a fleet of passionate drivers, a global operation, all built to deliver - with unparalleled convenience - great food from the world's best-loved local restaurants directly to our customers.

The only thing faster than our deliveries is our growth. We’re scaling at a blisteringly fast rate: opening in new countries, adopting more restaurants - from major chains to local gems - and keeping it all together and making everything click are what makes working at Deliveroo such a thrilling experience.

If you want to make a difference, and especially if you’re passionate about food, come aboard!

How does it work?

Try us out! Visit to our website or open our iOS or Android app - this is the core of the Deliveroo experience. Tell us your location and we provide a curated list of restaurants that can deliver to you. Select from the menu, add personal tastes (lemon and herbs?) and we’ll do the rest.

Your order is pinged to an app at the restaurant, and our dispatch engine - we call it “Frank” - selects a Roo driver, guides them to the food for pickup, and to your location for delivery. Those apps, and that backend logistics management, alongside our real time monitoring tools, all play a critical part in getting that tasty food to you quickly and in great condition.

So why work for us?

Training and Development

We want you reach your full potential and to never stop learning. We budget for hardware, conferences, books, online courses, and whatever else you need to learn new skills that will help keep Deliveroo ahead of the rest.


We’re a global-yet-local business, so it’s extremely important to us that our team and environment offer a great environment for everyone. Deliveroo is not a startup “bro” monoculture.

Working effectively

Each product team suggests the most effective way to get things done. Work is a collective effort, and we encourage everyone to take an interest - and share insight into - all areas of our business.

Perhaps you’re not a designer, but you’ve thought of a way to more effectively present a map? The design team are all ears! Perhaps you’ve worked out how deliveries can be ordered more efficiently? Not merely will you have solved a famous programming problem, but also you will delight our customers with faster delivery! Everything is open for improvement!

Making you comfortable

Output, not input. If you need a little leeway in the way you work - if it helps you out - we’re all for it. We have a “cycle to work” scheme in place, we allow for flexible working hours, and we are happy for you to work from home on occasion.


Go-karts! Pubs! Games! And if it’s Monday then chances are somebody‘s baked a cake to share with the team. Roos are a sociable bunch, and we chill out as a team on Friday evenings after a solid week’s work.

Go for it!

We look for reasons to hire people! Even if you don’t fit the job “specification” precisely, if you think that you can do it, if you enjoy challenges, if you like to learn, then apply and can you learn at Deliveroo!


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